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Talking About Sculpting With Clay

Hi there, I’m Bennie Rue. Welcome. I am here to talk to you about making sculptures out of clay. When I started working with clay, I used rudimentary techniques to create my sculptures. Unfortunately, the creations did not stand up to the test of time due to a lack of knowledge about the right techniques to use. Over time, I discovered tips and tricks that helped me make lasting creations. I will use this site to share the knowledge I gained about properly using sculpting clay. I invite you to try out the techniques I share to create your own works of art. Thanks.


Talking About Sculpting With Clay


Unique Beach Crafts to Make With Flour Sack Towels

If you love going to the beach, you can turn that passion into a lot of crafts directly related to the beach. One way to make crafts is with flour sack towels. The durable towels have a lot of versatility. Learn about the crafts you can make with flour sack towels and ways to get creative with your beach adventures. 1. Custom Dyed Hand Towel A hand towel is a great item to wipe off sand and to pat areas of your body dry.