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Talking About Sculpting With Clay

Hi there, I’m Bennie Rue. Welcome. I am here to talk to you about making sculptures out of clay. When I started working with clay, I used rudimentary techniques to create my sculptures. Unfortunately, the creations did not stand up to the test of time due to a lack of knowledge about the right techniques to use. Over time, I discovered tips and tricks that helped me make lasting creations. I will use this site to share the knowledge I gained about properly using sculpting clay. I invite you to try out the techniques I share to create your own works of art. Thanks.


Talking About Sculpting With Clay

Painting Your Outdoor Furniture

by Gloria Perkins

Painting your outdoor furniture can be a task that you may not want to commit a lot of time to do. However, it can be a simple task to complete if you take steps to effectively prepare.

Appreciate That Painting Your Furniture Can Provide Effective Protection

Painting your outdoor furniture can be an important and effective way of reducing the amount of wear and damage that it sustains. This is due to the ability of outdoor paints to offer protection against moisture and solar damage. These benefits can dramatically extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture while also keeping it looking its best. In addition to being suitable for wood furniture, there are paints that can be compatible with vinyl and metal furniture.

Choose Paint That Is Suited For Outdoor Furniture

It is very important to only use paint that is formulated for use in an outdoor setting. Failing to respect this requirement can lead to the paint rapidly breaking down in response to the changing weather conditions. In addition to choosing paint that is suitable for outdoor use, you should also choose paint that is compatible with the material that was used in your furniture. For example, using paint that is suited for plastic on metal can lead to it failing to bond to the surface. This can lead to flaking and cracking once it has dried.

Schedule The Painting Work Around The Weather

The weather will have an important impact on the painting work for your outdoor furniture. While weatherproof paint will be able to withstand exposure to the rain, it is important for the paint to fully dry before it is exposed to moisture. Otherwise, the moisture may be able to cause the paint to bubble in some areas and for the paint to degrade more quickly.

Thoroughly Clean The Furniture Before Painting It

Prior to starting the painting process, you should spend a few moments cleaning it. During the cleaning process, you should remove any dust and dirt that is on the surface of the furniture. Any paint that is flaking should also be removed to prevent it from flaking off and taking the new layer of paint with it. If large sections of the furniture's paint are flaking or damaged, you may need to use sandpaper to remove as much of the previous paint as possible as it may be too worn to support a new layer of paint. This may be one of the more labor-intensive parts of painting the furniture, but it can greatly improve the results of the new coat of paint.

For more information about buying paint for your outdoor furniture, contact a local paint store or hardware store.