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Talking About Sculpting With Clay

Hi there, I’m Bennie Rue. Welcome. I am here to talk to you about making sculptures out of clay. When I started working with clay, I used rudimentary techniques to create my sculptures. Unfortunately, the creations did not stand up to the test of time due to a lack of knowledge about the right techniques to use. Over time, I discovered tips and tricks that helped me make lasting creations. I will use this site to share the knowledge I gained about properly using sculpting clay. I invite you to try out the techniques I share to create your own works of art. Thanks.


Talking About Sculpting With Clay

Unique Beach Crafts to Make With Flour Sack Towels

by Gloria Perkins

If you love going to the beach, you can turn that passion into a lot of crafts directly related to the beach. One way to make crafts is with flour sack towels. The durable towels have a lot of versatility. Learn about the crafts you can make with flour sack towels and ways to get creative with your beach adventures.

1. Custom Dyed Hand Towel

A hand towel is a great item to wipe off sand and to pat areas of your body dry. A basic tie-dye kit will provide you with everything you need to create a custom dyed hand towel. You can create the look of a tie-dyed product or use the dye to create a solid color.

You should slightly dampen the flour sack towel before you apply the dye. If you want to separate sections, then use rubber bands to block off areas and give yourself multiple color options. Let the towel sit for several hours and then rinse the towel in warm water to help drain excess dye. If you make flour sack towels bulk purchases, then you can create multiple designs with a wide range of light beach colors.

2. Sunscreen Sacks

Sunscreen is essential for the beach, but you often want the oily substance to be separate from your other beach bag items. Follow instructions for either flour sacks or tea sacks to create a simple tote for your sunscreen. With a sewing machine, you can sew up the sides of a folded towel to create the enclosure.

If you want to keep the sunscreen sack completely separate from the rest, you can sew on a rope-based handle that makes the sack easier to carry. The towel material will help soak up any excess sunscreen and you can wash the creation in a regular load of laundry. Along with carrying sunscreen, you can use a small sack at a beach to hold unique finds like rocks and shells.

3. Beach Print Airbrush Paintings

Turn the items you collect at the beach into a fun airbrush collage on a flour sack towel. Collect small beach items like shells, dried starfish, or crab claws. Lay the towel on a flat and clean surface. Use newspaper or wax paper underneath the towel to protect the surrounding area. Evenly spread the beach items on the towel.

Use an airbrush to spray the whole towel a specific color. After the paint dries, pull off the beach items and you will see their outline directly on the towel. You can use the towel as a fun decoration, for everyday use in the kitchen, or bring the design with you to the beach.

With a bulk purchase of towels, you have a lot to play around with. Try out all different kinds of crafts and get some inspiration directly from the beach.